Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why should you patronize Board Enterprises and Small Bites

That is the big question, right!  Why should you give your money to us in order for us to issue blog posts every week and world posts every month?  We’ve already said that we’ll keep doing that regardless, so what does it benefit you?  Well, the honest answer is this:  Board Enterprises makes a small amount of money by selling game reference materials.  It’s not a lot!

Do I think you should really care?  Well, no.  But, the reality is that the more money that the Patreon project Small Bites can generate, the more we can concentrate on it rather than on the more “hard dollar” stuff like Legend Quest and our generic supplements.  The Fletnern wiki is over five years old now, and it sometimes falls a bit dormant when we’re working on big projects, like our recent reissue of Legend Quest under the Omnibus Edition.

But I don’t want it to go dormant for months at a time.  I want to expand it - I want to share it.  and we need your help to do that!  So if you want us concentrating our time on Fletnern and Small Bites (and the blog), then please, become our patron!  Yes, you get loads of stuff in the Small Bites editions!  Yes, you get to support the continued growth of the Fletnern wiki and some of the other things we’d really love to try!  and YES!! you get to help us figure out what’s coming next.

The folks here at Board Enterprises are a passionate bunch.  We’re passionate about gaming and we’re passionate about the projects we work on.  We react to passion in other people too!  Show us a bit of interest and I guarantee you will be surprised at how much interaction you get with us, and how much we’re willing to do to bring you what you’re looking for!

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