Sunday, April 30, 2017

The World of Fletnern Wiki

Well, it may not be the most impressive milestone in the history of the internet, but our Fletnern wiki has now grown to over 300 posts.  This is the point of our Small Bites (Patreon) project.  We want to focus our attention (and yours) on the World of Fletnern.  We’ve been doing a good job so far holding to our monthly update schedule, and this new milestone is a pretty good indicator.

Do you care?  We hope you do!  Not only do we think Fletnern is a good world that you can use if you’d like, but it also serves as a good example to spark ideas for your own world.  Sites, people, religions, and “stuff” - everything is there for you to use or transport into your world.  

What we’re trying to do is keep Fletnern free - Yep, it’s FREE!!  Use what you want, change what you want, it’s all good!  But honestly, we cannot keep it free without you.  We need your help on Patreon, and we also need your help in determining which themes and subjects are most interesting to you so we can prioritize them.  

Please click here to check out the wiki.  We’re confident that you will find some interesting stuff that you haven’t seen before in other FRPG worlds.  But also click here to check out our Patreon page and hopefully get involved.  If you want to see what you get by being our patron, check out the first edition for free.  and Thank you!

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