Sunday, April 2, 2017

Small Bites 2

So while in the process of putting Small Bites 2 to bed - editing, formatting, making sure it looks right ...  This one was a challenge. 

It started out as “All About Knights”, but we quickly determined that it wasn’t about knights, it was about their men-at-arms (called “Vators” in the city-state of Myork).  So we spun that around and pushed anything more knight specific to a later edition.  It will come out, but not in March.  

But even after removing all the knightly stuff, it was still hovering around 60 pages.  We had been targeting 40.  Not that we’re trying to short change anyone, but publishing a 60 page book is #1 - not a “small” bite and #2 - may not be representative of what we’ll be doing going forward.  The last thing we want to do is seem to be projecting a “bait and switch” with the free edition being vastly longer than the paid for one.  Again, this stuff will come out, just not in March.

And if you think 40 pages is not a lot of content, then you haven’t been buying Board Enterprises products.  We don’t fill our books with art and formatting just to make them appear longer than they actually are.  Some people feel that is not up to current professional standards, but we think that “current professional standards” are ripping you off by not giving you the content you actually got the book for in the first place.

The first edition has been released to our Patreon patrons back at the end of February, and edition 2 will be sent at the end of March.  Both will be available on our distribution sites starting early April - free to the public!  We’ll edit this post and put the links is as that happens.

And the third edition will be sent at the end of April.  What is it?  It is:
The Killer Crime Families of Garnock; aka All About Organized Crime in Fantasy
That one will only go out to our Patreon patrons, so make sure you get signed up!  The May edition is all about our favorite subject of all time:  Treasure!

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