Saturday, May 27, 2017

Organized Crime - How it works in Fantasy

I can’t be the only one who both understands that organized crime is bad, but still kind of likes it.  Not that I want to be a part of it, either as a victim or perpetrator, but I like the movies, the novels, the true crime stories, and yes the mystique.  But how do you stuff that into a fantasy role-playing world?

That’s what Killer Crime Families of Garnock is all about.  It’s also known as All About Organized Crime in Fantasy.  And that is the intent.  Not only organized crime, but also how enforcers and thugs can be used as FRPG player characters and NPC enemies.  Plus, hopefully by now you have a taste for how Board Enterprises does things, and we think we’re pretty focused on things that are not just fun, but make sense too.  So we’re presenting crime families that can actually work in your fantasy world.  Yeah, that’s the night clubs, the extortion, and the rest of it.

There’s a twist this time.  We’ve presented two editions of Small Bites already, two full editions (Avatar of Manoto and Mercenary Vators of Myork).  Well the intent there was to give you a taste, but only a taste.  Have you heard the story about someone who won’t buy the cow because the milk is already free?  Well, there’s no more free lunch.  The edition that is out there for free (yes!  it is free!) is the World Walker edition, in other words, it is only a piece.  The full edition (what we call the Game Master’s edition) is only available to our Patreon patrons.  So you can get the World Walker edition for free by clicking here, or you can get the Game Master edition by clicking here.

The World of Fletnern is still free!  You can check it out on our site or at the wiki.  But if you want to get involved in building it - choosing what’s worked on first, choosing which things we focus on, all of these items - then we want you to join us through the Patreon project.

Think about it this way:  we are offering to work with you to custom build a world focused on the things you want.  Fletnern’s got everything in it, but if no one cares about the barbarians running around in the frozen tundra, we’re not going to bother talking about it.  If you want to learn more about the traveling carnivals and/or fortune tellers, we’re going to do editions based on that!  Do you want more articles about locations, or characters, or treasure, or religions, or whatever?  OK, we’ll do that!  That’s how it’s going to work.  It really is going to work that way - custom built world, just the way you want it.

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