Sunday, May 7, 2017

Small Bites Debut - Take 2

Well, we’re still talking about Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites or “Small Bites”.  Why?  Well, because it is the biggest project we’ve ever taken on.  The Legend Quest Omnibus Edition was over 300 pages long, but this is running at 40 pages per month.  So within a year it will be bigger than the Omnibus Edition, and I can tell you - that’s a lot!!

Have you seen what we’re doing with Small Bites?  Why not?  Is $ FREE $ too much money for you?  Come on - check it out!  You know you want to.  Not sure where it is, well here:

Each one is 40 pages of content - stuff you can use in your game worlds, stuff that will spark your own creative juices.  Sure, it’s all written like it comes out of our FREE (there’s that word again) World of Fletnern, but if you honestly have trouble carrying an idea from a different FRPG world to yours, you shouldn’t be game mastering.  (That’s really not harsh, because we know you can!)

So what’s Vators about?  Well, the truth is, it started out as All About Knights, but knights are nobles with lands and horses to maintain.  Adventurers are a lot more like the men-at-arms who serve under the knights, so as we got further into it, we thought men-at-arms was more directly valuable to players and GMs.  We’ll do knights!  When?  Well, that depends on what you folks tell us you want.  We weren’t just floating those surveys out there for fun; we honestly listened and changed the lineup of when themes will come out depending on the stuff you told us!

We really want you to come and share our world.  A novelist I like and sort of know signed a book to me saying “Welcome to my world!”  That is exactly how I feel!  I want to welcome you into my world, and I want you to become a part of it!  (and Rick, if you’re reading this, let me know your new email!)

The folks that got advanced copies felt Vators was far better than Avatar, not that Avatar was bad!  but they did feel that Vators was more cohesive.  I don’t know that I see that, but I’m trying to so I can make the next ones that much better.  What is the next one?  Well, if you sign up as a patron before the end of the May, you will immediately get Killer Crime Families of Garnock aka All About Organized Crime in Fantasy.  After that comes Hoards and Other Treasures  - not surprisingly my favorite subject!! 

It’s time!  come get involved.  Welcome to my world - let’s make it our world!

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