Sunday, April 28, 2013

What’s in a Name?

A rose is rose, right? Nope! A rose is NOT a rose when it’s called a turdling rose. Nobody is going to plant that! I am trying to put together several campaigns that can be used as campaigns or as backgrounds going on behind the scenes while the rest of your campaign is moving. One of them involves a group of jungle dwelling races making war on some of their mountain neighbors. I’m not that great at making up names for things like this, so I was playing around with some ideas and started with “Jungle Fury”. It kind of sounded like a bad 1930s movie set in deepest darkest Africa, and that wouldn’t be so bad. So I Googled “Jungle Fury”. Oops! Apparently that was a whole Power Rangers thing. I am NOT going to publish something that shares a name with the Power Rangers. It’s bad enough that that horrible show that no one watched stole the name of our main FRPG. (Yes, Legend Quest the game was published in 1991, well before the failed adventure documentary series was conceived.) So - Learn from this. Before you use a title that you think fits perfectly, Google it. You might find out it is the slang term for a deviant sexual act, or worse, for something associated with the Power Rangers.

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