Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gods and Demons

Gods and Demons is now available at both RPGNow (also Drive Thru RPG) and at Steve Jackson's e23. You know the gods of your world, right? Do you? Have you figured out the enemy’s gods? Do you know the evil spirits looking to plague the world and gain power through the suffering? Even the low powered ones? Are you starting to think, maybe you could use a couple hundred more ideas? Here are 100 gods and 100 spirits and minions. You can add any or all of them to your campaign world, because they are described as personalities. This generic supplement is specially designed to fit into any fantasy role-playing game because it is not dependent on stats and rule books. This is an interconnected collection of divine creatures from multiple pantheons - often rival pantheons. And you won’t be left stranded. If your game doesn’t have rules on gods in the game or you don’t like your rules, there is an alternate set of rules on how gods and spirits work in the appendix. This supplement contains 103 pages of content for less than $4.

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