Sunday, April 7, 2013

Magic Strategy for Legend Quest

In Legend Quest, spell casters have to balance how much power they use by the amount of fatigue they can endure. For this reason, I love halfling spell casters. They get a +1 to Willpower (as compared to humans) thus giving them an extra 6 points of Fatigue. They also get a boosted Agility giving the best shot at winning initiative. But how to balance? For those folks a little later in the game (experienced), the best thing to do is to get a power talisman. Here’s why: Let’s take the disintegrate spell for example. 1½P damage for 1D fatigue, or 2-15 damage given for 1-10 fatigue points taken. That’s still great if you can hit two targets, but not as much if you only hit one. However, with a +1 Power talisman, this becomes 3-30 damage dealt for 1-10 fatigue taken, hitting 2 guys, that’s 6-60 given for 1-10 taken. Now you’re really cooking with gas! As you can image, the benefits start to dwindle as you cast more powerful spells. If you cast your disintegrate at a power level of three + one for the talisman, then you get 6-60 damage done for 3-30 taken. Still not bad, but you’re only doubling instead of tripling. If the spell caster knows a major spell, like disintegrate or sunburst, they can probably keep up this type of attack for a while without fatiguing themselves into oblivion. Hitting with a Pow 2 disintegrate is still big damage, and because of the talisman, my halfling sorcerer (assuming a Willpower of 7) can keep it up for 7 or 8 consecutive turns. That is a really big deal! especially if he’s hitting two guys every turn. Summary - Just because you have four power levels doesn’t mean you have to use them all every time. Keep some “dry powder” for the next fight.

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