Sunday, January 8, 2017

Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites

OK, so we now have a tentative name for our “Patreon Project”.  and it is as you have now guessed:  Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites, or just “Small Bites”.

So what is Small Bites?  Well, others have described it as an e-zine, but I have always seen it as one of those secret boxes you can get a monthly subscription to.  OK, the e-zine explanation is probably better, but mine isn’t that far off either.  Every month, you will get a collection of stuff for your game.  Some of it will be GM related about how to run games better.  A lot of it will be world building related, including examples that you can use or use to spark other ideas, but also advice on how to world build!  Some of it will be aimed at building better (stronger, faster, with better stats) characters, whether they are PCs or NPCs, along with a healthy dose of character history.  And some of it will just be fun!

So, OK, I am NOT a world class marketer.  That’s pretty obvious, I know.  I’m probably not pushing the Small Bites project in all of the best ways, so here goes one of the behind the scenes things that I probably should have revealed before:  If you send in an idea or a question that we plan to use, You will receive the draft version of the answer or fleshed out article before anyone else does.  That’s pretty fair, right.  Give us the feedback we’re craving, and we’ll “answer” you with an article and then allow you to not only see it, but give us more feedback on whether or not we hit the mark.  You’ll be an associate editor.  Want credit for it?  You know what?  We’ll do that too!  (but only if you ask for it - you can offer suggestions and remain anonymous)

You know what else we haven’t been announcing?  If you sign up as a Patreon patron before April 1, we will get you advanced copies of the first two editions as they are completed.  The expectation is that this will be January 31 and February 28.  So you will have access to the first two at least a month before anyone else does, just for signing up with us and letting us know you’re there.

This Jan-Mar period is really a time where we’re working as hard as we can, but are really hoping to get the word out that we’re here, as well as listen to the feedback.

So - Are you ready to start building our world?  Are you ready to become part of the overall project?  You ready to be involved in a community of like-minded game masters and world builders who are all working towards common goals?  Then please - Hit the link and become a patron.  Sign up for $1 and get involved.

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