Sunday, January 1, 2017

500th Blog Post

It is not every day you make your 500th blog post.  Wow, eight years and 500 posts.  I guess averaging 62.5 posts per year means I’m doing OK.  No it hasn’t been every week I post, but clearly I did make up for any I missed.

So are you liking these?  You hoping we’ll continue to bring up hints and suggestions for your RPG playing, game mastering, and world building?  Have you been out to the World of Fletnern wiki to learn more about our free world and everything in it?  Do you want more?  More of the same and more new things?  Well, I’m sorry to abuse the 500th blog post on an advertisement, but I feel I have to.

It’s January 1.  New Year / New Start!!!  We’re launching the Patreon page today.  Here is the link.  Now, this is very important!!  We are not going to be fulfilling any additional content through the Patreon page yet.  We are launching in hopes of getting you folks interested, aware and voting.  Yep - voting.  The whole point is to provide content that you want, and we can only provide content that you want if you tell us what you want.  We expect the content to start shipping (figuratively / virtually) in April.

So we are only asking if you would be willing to contribute $1 per month.  That’s right - $1.  The Board Bucks will kick in right away, so contributing $1 per month (Jan-Mar) would get you $3 by Speed Character Creation and A Baker’s Dozen Archetypes, or Forge of Imagination, or a whole bunch of other stuff.

Please check out the Patreon page!  We’re really working our tails off to provide you the best stuff we can, and we truly think you’ll like most if not all of the extra content.  Most of the details are out on the Patreon page.  If you have any questions at all - please email us at


  1. Titles, rank, organization of everything from military, government, churches, cults, societies, etc.! I have always wanted to see BE tackle and OWN this (to me) very confusing, hard to make work and remember / picture topic.
    There are so many types of feudal, republican, city state, tribal confederacy, etc. , etc. And all there really is, is some Wikipedia articles but you have to know what you want / are looking for...
    So, if I want to know how a 'romanesque' style legion is organized and what to call the officers; or an Abbey of monks, or a convent of priestesses...Or a druid circle (coven?) Or in a feudal euro type area, who's a count? Is his wife a countess or a lady? How much further / bigger do marquesses area have to be? Is the King's nephew a prince, or a lord?
    Colonels, corporals, sergeants, sheriffs, marshals, constables, reeves, baillifs...Rajas, maharajas...Chiefs, captains, kings, knights, riders...Is a barons personal war pack of riders equal to the knights of the king's army? Where do warlocks and clerics fit in the army? Vizier's, advisors, prelates, primates, archons, emperors...I mean it just goes on...And that not getting into secret societies and the upper class merchant 'princes'... It's like wtf...How is any normal brained person supposed to disseminate all of this...
    That's where the geniuses at BE who can put together a workable, believable fantasy economy, setting, rules system! comes in and saves the day!

  2. Wow - I wasn't hung over before reading that but I might be now. That is a HUGE order! I’ll make you a promise - We will post something about this shortly, but it is actually going to be why it is so difficult.
    We will also take a stab at it through the Patreon project. One of our themes was going to be heraldry and families, but it sounded a bit dull, so we didn’t prioritize it. By adding in how royal families can work and maybe some intrigue as well, we might be able to make it interesting enough to do. (Interesting enough to all of your folks - I love this stuff!)