Friday, October 21, 2016

Legend Quest Silver Anniversary Omnibus Rules

With an enormous sigh of relief and feel of accomplishment, Board Enterprises would like to announce that we have released the Legend Quest Silver Anniversary Omnibus Rules, aka The LQ Omnibus Edition.

So what is it?  We’ve had several blog posts (here, here and here) but this one is going to be the most straight forward - facts, not a sales job:

The Legend Quest Rules - The Omnibus contains the core rules, nearly exactly how they were laid out 25 years ago.  Only very minor tweaks have been made to fix issues that have annoyed the game designers for years.

Book of Wishes - The largest expansion of the magic system has been out for years, but here it is fully integrated with the core rules for easy use.

Optional Rules - The Omnibus includes every optional rule ever published up to this point, including the Optional Weaponry supplement that came out some time ago.  In addition, it includes most of the optional rules used by our play-testers as we’ve worked them out over the last 25 years.  Some of the highlights include the critical charts (both combat and magic), the fumble charts (again, both combat and magic), how to apply criticals and fumbles to other skills, talents and special skills, sweep attacks, accuracy due to size, and a huge amount more!

Modern Rules - The Omnibus rules do not include the full game The Forgotten Hunt, but they do contain all the extra rules for running LQ Modern including things like automatic weapon fire, grenades and explosions, and modern skills.

Clarifications and Game Designer’s Notes - In addition to all those optional rules, there are clarifications where we felt the original rules might not have been as clear as we wanted them to be.  Plus there are notes throughout the book from John Josten, the original designer, giving advice and guidance on what was intended or what might be the best usage of the rules.  Short of having John over to your house to game master, this is the best way to learn the game from the creator.

Prices - We’ve tweaked the price guides in the book so they now conform to the guidelines established with Grain Into Gold, so the rules and GIG are now in line.

So how much is this?  Well, the LQ rule book was about 100 pages.  BoW was about 100 pages.  The Omnibus book is about 300 pages, so this is basically equivalent to an additional rule book in size.  Plus, this is a Board Enterprises book.  We have some artwork in there to break it all up, but there are no full page art pieces wasting space that could better be taken by content.  (Well, OK, the two front covers from LQ and BoW are there as well as the original back cover art, so there are a couple of pages “wasted” to artwork”)

So what do we want you to do?  Well, we’d love for you to buy the book.  We do honestly believe it is the best fantasy (and now modern) role-playing game on the market.  Dragon Magazine agreed (“A real gem of a game.  One of the best systems I’ve ever seen.”).  Further, even if you play a different game, we think you’ll find something you love about Legend Quest.  Maybe it’s some of the spells, some of the enchantments, some of the creatures, some of the skills, some of the combat variations, or some of the optional rules - you’re going to find something that you will want to incorporate into your game.  You can check it out here at RPG Now or here at Warehouse 23.

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