Sunday, December 29, 2013

What would I change if I could?

Legend Quest has been going strong for over twenty years now, so I am not ready to turn anything within the game too much on its ear. However, over the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of things that jumped out at me - things I kind of wish I could change.

1 - I’m still upset with myself for making Seduction a 6 point skill while making Carousing and Etiquette 3 point skills. Feel free to change that in your game!
2 - A copper coin is worth too much. If you have Grain Into Gold, then you’ve seen that onions (for example) cost 0.4cc per pound. Cabbage is 0.3cc. Now in Rhum (and therefore most other areas of my game world) I have introduced the “bit”. It’s a quarter of a copper coin. This worked extremely well, because if you know the Wild West, you know that two bits are a quarter of a dollar. Well, when I created Rhum and Legend Quest back in the early 90s, I use to say that a silver coin was worth about $5, thus “two bits” of a copper coin would have been 25¢. Well, now with Grain Into Gold and the other products due out in 2014, that doesn’t work. It especially doesn’t work because of inflation. Anyway - There is no real way to buy something small. You can invent a much lower value coin for your world, but the truth is that no money changer would bother making them - There isn’t enough profit in it to hammer out the coins themselves.
3 - This one is a little easier to fix: An axe used to chop wood is clearly a two-handed weapon, but an “axe” in LQ is a one-handed weapon that does 1½S damage with a Strength Needed of 5. So, just assume that there is another thing, often called a “wood axe”, that is a two-handed weapon. This has a SN=4 and does 1S. It is also of tool strength (if made for a lumberjack, just standard for a home). If you don’t understand tool vs. standard vs. combat ready, you may want to take a look at the Optional Weapons supplement.

As I think of more things I’m unhappy with, I’ll post those too.

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