Sunday, August 4, 2013

Economics of Adventuring - post-script

See the previous post on the Economics of Adventuring in order to make more sense of this, though it does kind of stand on its own. I have come to a conclusion - Adventurers are actually gamblers. They are willing to gamble their lives in order to find loot. Let’s be honest - the best stuff from an adventure is seldom the pay you receive. It’s what you loot off the bad guys. So adventuring is in many ways, just a means of having a reason to go slaughter some folks and take their stuff. The reasons might be really good! but they are just an excuse for looting. Let’s not make too moral a statement about this. Learn more about the Roman legions - This is basically what they were doing. The soldiers didn’t really like their jobs or their pay. What they liked was going out, conquering other nations and getting rich off the loot. If the general wanted to keep his troops happy, he had to give them a chance to go and get killed - so that they could gather up other people’s stuff. I mention the Romans, because most of the tribes that attacked Rome were a little more honest about it. They knew they were only there for the plunder, while the legions pretended they were there for the safety of the Roman civilians. Maybe they were - They had a fairly good reason to go and attack other folks, but they certainly profited by it as well. I think that’s how I’ll continue to look at adventurers - Gamblers looking for loot. Post post script: Let’s also remember that the loot that the Romans brought back was most commonly slaves. How you handle that is entirely up to you and how your game world runs.

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