Friday, August 23, 2013

Burial Methods

So I was watching something the other day and there was a Viking funeral. I got to thinking - You know, that makes a lot of sense in a fantasy world. Think about it this way: While there probably is more than enough land for graveyards, do you really want to offer up your ancestors to the necromancers? Zombies are horrifying, but imagine how much more horrifying they would be if it were grandma and grandpa? Assuming your culture does not believe in whatever it was that the Egyptians believed. (I don’t pretend to know why they went with mummification), incinerating the dead makes a lot more sense. I know they’ve dug up some Vikings buried in their boats with all sorts of treasure and tools, but the tradition (fantasy as it may be) of putting the dead in a ship with whatever they need for the afterlife and setting them adrift in the burning boat - Sounds good! No zombies, no skeles, no cursed ground where necromancers can gather power. Kind of makes you think - What are your fantasy world’s cultures doing with their dead, and why?

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