Sunday, June 3, 2012

100 Bar Foods

We wrote and published 100 Bar Drinks. Why? Because we thought that GMs would like to have a long series of beverages that they could offer at their game world taverns. But now we’re writing 100 Bar Foods and 100 Bar Flies. Why? Because we think that once we bundle those three supplements together, GMs are going to have more than they could have hoped for in running their in game bars and inns. They’ll have more than enough drinks, menu items, and people to fill the stools. Someone asked the very reasonable question: Why not just publish a tavern? Good question. Answer: I think everyone has their favorite in game bar figured out. You probably know the owner and the layout and likely the bartender(s) and waitress(es). You might even have a couple of specialty drinks or menu items. But what about the rest? The rest of the drinks served. The rest of the food available. The rest of the folks taking up space. For that matter, what about the rest of the bars that you haven’t put so much time into? Truth be told - I don’t expect people to race to their computers to download 100 Bar Foods, but that doesn’t make it worthless. #1 it will be a fine supplement to make menu creation a lot easier for GMs. #2 by working on it, I’ve been forced to document a lot of foods, spices and other items that will bleed over into Coins of the Road and Fantasy Lifestyles. Oddly enough, I need to write 100 Bar Foods, so I can expand Grain Into Gold.


  1. I have found that going into a lot of details about food and drink usually freaks out my players.

  2. I have found that my players will actually argue with each other over different products - typically beer. "How can you drink that $#!+?" "Well, it's better than the %&*# you're drinking." Nothing funnier than two semi-mature men fighting over imaginary beverages!
    But then again - that is the point. They have gotten to the point of actually believing (sure with a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief) in their characters. When you're willing to defend your character's beer choice, you're willing to drive through the rain to play him.

  3. In a related note - Thank you to e23 for rating 100 Bar Drinks as five stars: