Saturday, March 5, 2011

Merchant War 2

We haven’t brought the story up to date, so we’ll do that briefly now: Clearly Zeke Competine was the major instigator of the issues between the various merchant cartels. He even telegraphed that he was expecting problems when he hired a minotaur and a troll as bodyguards. The various cartels were starting to make their secret plans when all of a sudden, Zeke vanished from view. Conflicting rumors said he was dead or simply sick. Spies noticed all sorts of odd movements around the various mansions of Forsbury, including something that was interpreted as invisible people coming and going. The prevailing rumor (from the Forsbury cartels) is that Zeke was killed. There were no signs or sounds of conflict, and it appears some major league magic was used. The question at hand is who did it, and was Zeke the actual target? The story from the Competine Cartel is that Zeke became ill and returned home to Brinston to seek magical healing, because he didn’t trust the abilities of the healers in Forsbury. But now his assistant Violet is in charge of the cartel’s Forsbury operation and she is ruling with an iron fist. Rumors are starting to swirl that Violet may be behind Zeke’s problems in order to get her chance to take over.
Is it over before it started? Is Zeke dead? Was Zeke dead, and now returned to life? Who is to blame? If everything is done, why are there still tensions in Forsbury, Brinston and Nanerette (the city between the two)? The biggest question right now is who is that guy following Yemour Masterhill around and what are his intentions?
Is this a soap opera? Is it a detective story? Does it sound like an “adventure” that you would run? Have to admit, this is exactly the kind of “urban adventure” that we love!

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