Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Bar Drinks

Hey we’ve just released our latest product - 100 Bar Drinks - on RPG Now and e23. Are your bars dull? Want to get your players interested in their characters and what happens outside of combat? Introduce your players to these beverages, and you’ll see a huge change in the role-playing! Hey, everyone likes to argue over what’s “best”. Best team, best song, best movie, and best beverage. This is exactly the kind of thing that will help spark in-character conversations. It’s only $1.99, like the rest of our cheap books.
Don’t get confused. This isn’t some cheesy one-page thing with some names on it. This is 20 pages of drink descriptions. There are tons of beers, wines and the hard stuff, including some things that you might not have considered. There are even a few magical drinks.
100 Bar Drinks is probably the best representation of Board Enterprises and our products. Our products are focused around the folks who are interested in something more than melee rules, and our stuff isn’t intended for 11 year old kids. Check it out and get a flavor for what we do! (pun intended, though not a very good pun obviously)

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