Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reading other products

OK - So I’m working on Book of Wishes. The formatting on this thing is as big a nightmare for on-line publishing as it was for print. But I have to admit, even just rereading pieces of it is giving me ideas on things I haven’t used or haven’t used in a while. Now of course, this happens mainly because Board Enterprises products are vastly superior to other companies’ products (they really are!), but it does happen to a smaller extent with other books. If the content is good, it will spark good ideas, even if you have to put in a little extra time “making them your own”. (See Forge of Imagination). So - For those of you who do not play Legend Quest - You still should buy Book of Wishes. It is a fantastic source book for any fantasy game and will give you ideas for your game. Now I just have to finish getting the files ready and on line with our distributors.

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