Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dr. Who continued

Can I make another Dr. Who analogy? Look at the amount of fighting they do in that show, or more importantly, don’t do. There’s a lot of running away! Too often we’re wrapped up in this whole combat system nonsense, when the best adventures are about solving puzzles and thinking. Yes - This makes it harder on the GM, but when it works - it’s solid gold! If you can - stop using the combat system to fill the whole adventure. If your game rules only allow for combat and don’t foster role-playing - switch to Legend Quest. Otherwise, focus on the adventure and not the action. Hey Indiana Jones - another great example of some fighting, a lot of running away and a lot of adventure without all the need for constant warfare. The original Allan Quatermain stories - sure the armies of natives were dangerous and all, but it was typically the trying to cross the desert that nearly killed him.

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