Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Invisibility - Rule Clarification

I think we’ve put this out before, but it bears restating. There is a difference between “magical” and “mental” invisibility. (Mental invisibility is most commonly delivered through the overimage proficiency.) In magical invisibility, the subject is no longer visible to the human eye. It is a completely visual thing. If you spread flour all over an invisible creature, the flour will come to rest on them and the outline of the invisible person will be revealed. With mental invisibility, the presence of the person is removed from the mind of the viewer. No amount of trickery will reveal the invisible creature, even if the target (victim) of the proficiency is aware that an invisible creature is there. Oh they can swing heir weapon around randomly trying to strike the mentalist, but they won’t even see the blood if they happen to get lucky. I think the best way to think about it is that magic removes the person from the target’s sight, while the mentalist removes the person from the target’s mind. Oh, and yes, this means that mentally invisible creatures can swim without being detected and avoid being detected by people with really good senses of smell or hearing.

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