Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging etc

OK - So I think we can still say that we’re new to blogging. There are a lot of blogs out there, and not all of them are pretty. By pretty, I mean civil, polite, acceptable in a cultured society. We think ours is, and we hope to keep it there. So what? (We come back to that question a lot!) We’re trying to encourage comments (though obviously not going about it the right way). But we want comments like: That is so cool! You guys are gods! I play your game and it’s the best! We’d also like to see comments like: Dude, why are halflings so weak? Can my dwarf use a 9’ sword? When are you going to come out with a super hero game?
If you want to leave a comment like: Learn to spell, moron! We’d prefer you emailed that to us at, and didn’t leave it in the comments section. We’ll take action! Seriously, it’s not that someone sent us a comment like that. I noticed one on another blog and really struck me as something we just don’t want. Other than that - leave comments!

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