Thursday, June 25, 2009

Indian Names - Not the joke

OK - many of you have probably heard the joke about the Indian brave who asks the chief how he comes up with the names for all the new born babies in the village, and the response is something to the effect of: “I name them after the first thing I see upon hearing that the child has been born, such as Dove Flying or Running Deer. Why do you ask Two Dogs F___ing?” So I spent the week with my son at Boy Scout camp, and was racing out of there at 5:30 this morning to get back home and to work. I saw the mists over the lake, different mists over a field of tall grass, heard the birds calling to each other, and watched the sun rise over the Tennessee hills. I’ve written Forge of Imagination and Character Foundry trying to get people to spark their imaginations. If you can’t just walk out into the world and come up with some of the most wonderful names and ideas, you’re just not trying. Need names for a tribe of kobolds - Walk into a park and just sit quietly for a while, then pretend you’re the old Indian chief. If you don’t have at least a dozen names in five minutes, you really need to loosen up, because you are way too stressed!

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