Monday, June 15, 2009

Coke and Coal #2

Before I get too far from the discussion of coke and coal, I do want to address the fact that I understand that coke was not commonly used in England until the 1700s and really widely used with the Industrial Revolution. So why is it used in fantasy Fletnern? The main reason people switched from wood and charcoal to coke was that the forests of England had been depleted. It really wasn’t the technology. On Fletnern, the Central Plains and the Gold Mountains both have lots of coal but very little in the way of trees. Therefore it makes perfect sense that in these regions, coal and coke would be used as fuel, whereas in the Rhoric Plains and the Marilick culture surrounding the Slyvanian Forest, wood and charcoal would still be the chief fuel source. This all leads back to that 4,000 years of no gunpowder or steam power, but other things have moved forward. Hopefully that makes some sense.

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