Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thunder Doom

OK - Did anyone even notice our release of An Army’s Arms - Slyvania? That’s what we get for releasing something around GENCON. HUGE mistake. OK, so to recover from that mistake, we’re going to release An Army’s Arms - Thunder Doom. Here is a solid description of an orc tribe who raid villages for fun and profit. We’re hoping that if you’re interested in the one book, you’ll check out the other. We’re also hoping to release The Black Skulls - also known to Legend Quest veterans as Garnock’s Elite force. You remember those fun guys, right? The black scale mail armor, the enchanted claymores, these guys chew through enemy soldiers like their eating popcorn. Well, look for the announcement on Thunder Doom very soon. The Black Skulls are probably more along the lines of late in 2009.

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