Saturday, March 14, 2009

Directional Question

Throwing out some ideas - We’ve been thinking about doing a more adult oriented set of supplements, but we’re not sure how well it will go over. As some of you know - the Vandoi is an aldar run hotel north of the elven capital of Slyvania. Walking into the Vandoi - you see a casino that would make any gambler’s mouth water, but it’s the lower levels of the complex that are the most notorious. The entertainments include the opera house, the illusionists’ shows, the gladiatorial arenas, and just about every style of stripper and “adult” entertainment you can think of (and probably dozens you didn’t think of). We might also do the Vandoi’s “sister” hotels: Smugglers’ Lair and Lair of the River Pirates. We’ve also considered just doing the “adult” action in Forsbury, so when you show up in town, you know the difference between a bawdy house and a brothel.

The thought is this: RPGs use to be aimed at teenagers, but nowadays, those teens are either playing card games or World of Warcraft (or some other MMO). We think the pen and paper RPG market has matured, but the products don’t always reflect that. Let us know what you think, because even if the customers have matured, that doesn’t mean they’re looking for this style of supplement.

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