Thursday, July 4, 2019

Grain Into Gold is actually Gold

Board Enterprises is thrilled to announce that our flagship economy book Grain Into Gold has been certified as a Best GOLD Seller by Drive Thru RPG.  This would not have happened without the support of all of you!  We thank you for your continued support and promise we will continue to produce the products that you’re looking for!

If you haven’t gotten into Grain Into Gold yet, maybe it’s time you checked out what everyone else has been loving.  It is a fully built economy for a fantasy world, but it is more than that.  Rather than just be an economy constructed for one world or campaign, it walks through the building of economies, from the most basic bread and then everything else.  This way you can adjust anything to make it work just the way you want for your game world and campaign.

This is NOT a scholarly text, but clear, common sense advice on how you can construct everything from how much the NPCs are earning per day to what it’s going to cost for weapons, armor and gear.  Not only does it work, but it makes sense.  That makes it a whole lot easier to use!

We’re thrilled to have received this support from our distributor and all of you.  Thank you again, and hope to see you picking up our other products as well!

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