Sunday, February 5, 2017

Small Bites Update

WOW!  OK, I think I have actually put our first edition of Small Bites to bed.  I don’t want to say that it had false starts, because the vast majority of stuff I worked on for it is in there, but there was certainly a learning curve involved.  Well, that and this was supposed to be issue #3.  Again, nothing has been scrapped, but things got moved around on the schedule, what was going to be issue #1 is now #2 (not in the slang meaning!!), but it got converted (from “knights” to men-at-arms - more about that when I put that sucker to bed!).

So what have I learned?  Well, those of you communicating with me about this project are a smaller number, but you’ve been good about communicating.  I don’t have folks with opposing views, but I do have advice with differing priorities.  Here’s the crazy thing - with this format, I think I can keep differing priorities happy.  I am hopeful about that and know you will keep me honest!

But here’s the other thing that the “themes” are making me worry about - cross-over.  I’m not worried about crossing over from one theme to another, but in Fletnern, everything is tied together!  I can’t talk about the Avatar of Manoto in Helatia without talking about the differences in the religions.  I can’t talk about the Vators (mercs) of Myork without talking about how they were used against the death squads of Garnock, but I can’t talk about the death squads without talking about the Conquering War and boy does that open up a number of subjects.  So - do the death squads of Garnock debut in The Mercenary Vators of Myork or do they wait for their own edition?

And truth be told - I really never stop coming up with ideas.  So here’s what I’m going to do, at least at first:  I have already said I will get the early patrons copies of the editions before they are released - Still doing that!  What I hope to do it give them some “extra bites” when I do release the editions more broadly.  In other words, you get everything early for signing up, and then you get extra stuff when everybody else starts reading what you already have.  That way you sort of feel like it’s still exciting.  OK - exciting might be dramatic, but I’m pretty excited.  (If I say “stoked” does that just make we sound really old?)

So - to make a long post short (too late!) - Early patrons will not only receive the editions early (first one should be on or about February 28), but they will receive additional content (probably mainly mission ideas and other stuff you can use, but isn’t necessarily any “big reveal”) when the editions finally drop (closer to the end of March / beginning of April.  Want to become a patron?  Click here!

Questions?  Feel free to reply to this post or email us at and Thanks!


  1. Stoked is perfect в-)
    I think (here we go) that I came up with a good idea (probably already thought of) whilst reading of your quandary about crossover; things relating to Fletnern can be hyperlinked to the wiki!
    It just so happens I was reading some monster stats from various editions of Ye Olde today and all of the setting specificities were hyperlinked to there respective wiki pages, so it made sense as soon as I read that part of this post! That way you needn't balance to carefully, maybe?

  2. and a quandary it is ...
    I have been thinking about how much hyperlinking to do in the Small Bites editions - that's part of the editing I have been working through. At the moment, my intent is to link to anything not covered in that edition or in other words to do the links, but not if those links might refer back to the book itself. Everyone will get a chance to see in the free samples, and then we can improve from there - with everybody's feedback.
    (Since the editions are collecting wiki posts, oh well you'll see soon enough!)