Monday, November 28, 2016

What’s Next for Board Enterprises?

Some of you have been catching the hints (not very subtle) that we are gearing up to try a crowd funding type project.  Now, I’m not young or hip enough to be using all the right words, but what we’re looking at is a Patreon project with a monthly “subscription”.  So what would your monthly subscription get you?

First, you would be supporting our efforts here, with the blog, the Fletnern wiki, and with the official projects.  The more support we get, the more content we can generate, and there is a formula to how many posts will be coming out.  So this is the “you folks are great!” portion.

Second, you will be getting what has been described by others as a monthly “e-zine”.  I never looked at it that way, but it is a collection of articles and columns, typically about a related title.  This is much more than a bunch of blog posts, but those will be there too.  This will be campaign starter kits (though less detailed than our soon to debut Necromancers Coup), optional rules, new monsters, new magic items, new uses for magic items, details on how to min/max your games and characters, etc.  As I look at it from a distance, I guess it is like an e-zine.

Third, for every dollar you contribute to supporting our efforts, we will put a dollar in your Board Bucks account.  (Open and willing to changing that name if someone can come up with something better!)  This means that in addition to supporting the cause and getting the e-zine, you will be able to trade your Board Bucks for any product we have on the market.  I really think this is a two-for-one sale where you are sort of paying for the e-zine and getting free product as well.

Anything else?  Well, yeah.  The main reason we’re even doing this is to get ourselves closer to the customers.  We’re going to have polls and votes and customer feed-back things going on in hopes of getting you folks out there to tell us what content you’re looking for.  The point is to aim the new content directly at what you folks want.  We’ve been having trouble connecting with you, and we’re hoping this will allow us to bridge that gap.

More?  Sure - As part of bridging that gap, we’re hoping that we can establish and maintain an ongoing conversation with you folks.  Curious about game design?  We’d love to tell you what we know.  Stuck on a world building issue?  We’d love to give some advice, but even more than that, we’re hoping we can foster a community where you’re helping each other and we’re sort of guiding along the way.  Not that we won’t help, but multiple heads are better than one.  (I really feel I need a picture of the hydra here!)

Please stay tuned to this blog as this is where we will be releasing the details.  Better yet, subscribe to the blog, because we’re trying to figure out what discounts or bonuses we can give to the blog subscribers.

Want to start helping now?  Follow this link and take our first survey.  We’re new to this survey format, so please forgive the overly basic nature of it, but give us some feedback on what you’re looking for.  We’re hoping to get going pretty early in 2017, so we’re hoping to get your feedback ASAP!

And thank you!

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