Sunday, September 25, 2016

Speed Character Creation

Pretend you’re trying to create characters for a point based game like Legend Quest.  (Point based means you are given a certain number of points to create your character and you spend them on the things that will make your character super tough.)  Compared to rolling four dice, ignoring the low one, rinse and repeat to six stats, choose the only class that fits, and then buy equipment - point based characters can take a little while, especially with new players.  We’ve been at this for 25 years, so we know a couple of things.  Too many choices make things more difficult.

So Board Enterprises has come up with a nice little tool for speeding things along:  Speed Character Creation.  Here, instead of trying to figure out a back story and picking the right skills that go along with it (or picking the skills you want and trying to force a backstory on top of them), you follow this:

Choose:  1) Race; 2) how you spent your youth; 3) how you were trained; 4) how you want your attributes; and 5) starting money.  Now the character design is pretty well built, and all you have to do is add what you need for your actual profession (bandit, sword&board, druid, etc.).  Is it that simple?  Yeah, it really is.  The youth and training choices hand you small sets of simple skills, so you don’t wind up with that character that could not have possibly survived to adulthood.

Hey, we admit it - We wrote this for Legend Quest.  But you don’t need to use it only for Legend Quest.  But it is a role-playing tool.  If you play with a style that min/maxes every attribute, and you’ve never had a character who actually had a Carousing skill, this might not be for you.  It is a role-playing tool!  (I think I heard that somewhere.)  If you are looking for an efficient tool to come up with back story and the skills that make sense under that back story, this is it!!

Check it out at RPG Now and Warehouse 23 (link coming soon!).

If you don’t want to have to come up with your own backstories, even with our tool, check out 100 Character Histories.  You can even roll a d100 and pick one randomly.

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