Sunday, July 31, 2016

Omnibus Rules Update

We still feel we are on track for a late October release of the omnibus rules. For those of you who may not know, 2016 is the 25th anniversary of Legend Quest, and we will be releasing the Silver Anniversary Omnibus Rules. This will include the original Legend Quest Rule Book, the Book of Wishes magic supplement, the Optional Weapons supplement, all of the previously published rules (often hidden away in the back of city supplements or adventures, many of which are no longer available), and then all the extras. What extras? There are three main types of extras: Clarifications, basically 25 years of FAQ inserted into the book where they will be the most helpful; Game Designer’s Notes, advice from John Josten the creator of the game - often strategies that he has learned from players over the last 25 years; and then Optional Rules. Yeah - There have been optional rules up to now, but this is the real deal. The more commonly accepted (and easier to implement) optional rules are inserted in the book where they make the most sense, but the really big ones, things like critical hit charts and magical fumbles, are in an extra section in the back.

Are things on track? Yes, but! The rule book and magic supplement have been edited multiple times over the past two and a half decades, but the optional rules haven’t. The optional rules were written so John Josten and the play testers understood what was going on, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can understand them. So the optional rules are serving as a challenge to getting the book completed and formatted.

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