Sunday, May 22, 2016

Official Announcement: Legend Quest Omnibus

We are now confident enough in our release date that we are willing to make the official announcement:

Legend Quest Omnibus Edition will be released October 2016!

So what’s “omnibus edition”? We’ve taken the Legend Quest rule book, Book of Wishes, Optional Weaponry and all of the optional rules that were published in various supplements, city books, and quests and bundled them altogether into one massive book. But wait! There’s more!

We’ve also gone through and clarified rules that either we thought might be a bit vague or we’ve had questions on over the years. We’ve also had the original game designer John Josten go through the entire book and add his comments here and there. He’s been doing this the whole time, and he’s giving you the inside scoop on some of the best strategies for PCs and NPCs as well as how to make the game run smoothly. PLUS!! Optional Rules! Yes, for the first time ever, we’re publishing the optional rules to Legend Quest, previously only seen by the play testers and designers. This means the critical charts and the fumble charts (both combat and magical) will be there as well as all manner of other tweaks these folks have been adding into the game over the years. But they are clearly marked as optional rules, so you can take them or leave them - your choice.

Need more? Well, how many of you have the rules to The Forgotten Hunt? These are in there too - the rules for using Legend Quest in the modern day including firearms, explosives (yes, the blast radius rules), and vehicles. We did leave out the campaign stuff about the modern day dinosaurs, but the rules are in there.

Why now? 2016 is the 25th anniversary of Legend Quest. Yep! two and a half decades of “a real gem of a game, one of the best systems I’ve ever seen”. (That’s a quote from the Dragon Magazine review of the game back in 1992, don’t quote me on the date, but the quote is dead on!) So this is our silver anniversary, but we’re not calling it the silver edition, because we called the digital version the “gold edition” and that feels like going backwards. “Omnibus” is both better and actually descriptive, so be on the lookout for Legend Quest - Omnibus Edition!

Keep watching this blog for news, or go to the Legend Quest page on our website and follow the progress there.

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