Saturday, April 25, 2015

Character Histories

Hey everyone - We’ve put a new book out on our distributors’ sites: 100 Character Histories. Here’s the write-up:

So you’re starting a new campaign tonight, and you haven’t made your character yet. You’ve been a little busy and haven’t thought through what you want to do, so where are you going to get your ideas? Look here! Not only have we given you 100 character histories, but in order to explain these characters, we have given you 123 character archetypes. Even if you are playing a game where the dice determine your character, these histories and archetypes can guide you in giving them that touch of originality that will make them that much more fun to play and grow.
This supplement is for both players and game masters, because the ideas here are just as useful for non-player characters as they are for player characters. Use them to give you a jump start, that spark of an idea that will get the creative juices flowing. Without a brief character history like this, your character will lie flat on the page - taking mercenary jobs because there simply isn’t anything else to do tonight. Come on - breathe some life into them! Just pick a history and get going!
This is not a simple a one page chart. You will get a short paragraph for detail, but enough that you will understand and get some direction. Then you can take it from there.

This supplement contains:
45 pages of content
100 character histories - starting points to describe where they came from and why they are adventuring. Including suggestions on archetypes
123 character archetypes briefly describing character types and which skills they would most need.

All that for $2.99. Not only do I think it’s a bargain (45 pages for $2.99), but I honestly think it is a solid 223 ideas that nearly everyone can make use of. Here are the links:
100 Character Histories at RPG Now
100 Character Histories at Warehouse 23

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