Saturday, December 6, 2014

Calling All Legend Quest Players

OK - Consistently getting products posted out there is not our strong suit, but we got another one out: A Baker’s Dozen Archetypal Characters. Need a starting level character for a game tonight - right here! Need a mid-level character to help or hinder the party - right here! Need a more advanced character - you guessed it, right here.

Here are 13 characters each at three levels of experience. These are strong, well rounded characters of use to most parties. To help out a bit, we also added a page on how I make up characters, just to give you the ultimate insider’s perspective on how to get Legend Quest to work for you. Oh, and it’s only 99cents, so probably in your price range!


  1. Awesome product. A must for easy character creation / NPCs to flesh out your trip to so-and-so Castle. Thanks BE. These are great. Thanks as always for leaving these completely free to be adapted into ANYTHING!! Sometimes I get a PAIZO promo with character premies and they have names, history, backstory, and so nothing useful for a low-magic setting, might as well make my own than try to incorporate. These Archies can be fit to anyone, or vice versa. And only 113 petro cents up here in Canada. Five Stars. A.

  2. Thank you! We are always happy to please!
    Keep your eyes open because we haven't been sittin' around doing nothing. Our next product will be out shortly, and it will be the exact opposite - 100 Character Histories - 100 character back stories (the ideas you can use to expand into your world) along with about 120 character archetypes to help describe all those characters. Opposite in that there will be no stats, but we hope that it will really jog your Forge of Imagination!