Friday, July 11, 2014

Magical Spirits vs. Natural Spirits

I haven’t clearly stated this before, but in Fletnern, the magical spirits and the natural spirits don’t get along. Wait, you’re thinking - how can you have a non-magical spirit? What I mean is this: The spirit of werewolves (a magical spirit) does not get along with the spirit of the timber wolf or the spirit of the red wolf (natural spirits). Why? Well, because they’re different.

Even if the werewolf has some power over regular wolves, well all the more reason for the regular wolf spirit to get upset. The werewolf is controlling his subjects. It is more likely for the werewolf spirit to befriend the wererat spirit, then the other wolf spirits. They are not all the same, but I see this more in the sense that the natural spirits are more like the traditional guys. They like the way things run, and everything runs well when magic isn’t interfering. Meanwhile, the magical spirits are like the rebels without a clue. Sure, the werewolf spirit probably thinks it would be great if everyone were a werewolf. He hasn’t thought it through to say that if everyone was a werewolf, then there would be no one left to eat.

Anyway, I like feuding divines. They like to carry their battles and disagreements to the mortal plane.

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