Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Enslaving Refugees

In so many ways I try to get my game world to be similar to our own Earth, but I always find it funny when Earth mirrors Fletnern. A few game years back, there was a massive earthquake in the Detheb region. (Dethebs are generally like the Indian cultures, though the region no longer gets its monsoon rains and never had the same wildlife as the Indian subcontinent.) So what to do when the earthquakes collapse the deep wells that the communities rely on so desperately? Well, many of them fled the region - refugees looking for work and food anywhere. Others believed the centaur pirates and paid them to smuggle their families away to the other continent in order that they would be able to live in a region of ample water and bountiful crops. Yep - They paid known pirates expecting that the pirates would take care of them. The centaurs immediately enslaved every “passenger” they had, and sold them wherever they could find buyers. The influx of new slaves was so massive that it tanked the slave markets across the world.

So what do we see going on at the US’s southern border? Parents are giving their children to drug cartels and smugglers expecting that they will take care of the children and deposit them on the other side of the border for the US officials to raise. Shocking then that many of the children have been murdered or diverted into brothels and sweat shops. Those that do make it to the “camps” find them lawless and riddled with disease. Honestly, it is far worse than even I imagined, and I’m constantly being reviewed as being “too gritty”.

This just goes to other comments I have made - I am far too logical to write a world that resembles reality. Seriously - parents giving their children to known criminals expecting good things to happen. And I thought Americans were going insane. Even the Dethebs at least went with their children; granted the whole family is now in the mess, but I thought that was more believable.

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