Sunday, May 4, 2014

What is Board Enterprises working on?

As always, we have too many projects going at once and it interferes with our ability to accomplish anything. In addition to running two campaigns, this blog and trying to increase the Fletnern wiki’s size, we are working on:
100 Character Histories (pretty close to completion actually), 100 Religions, 100 Commoners, 100 Bars (including bar foods, bar types and bar tenders), several Baker’s Dozens: Archetypes, Carnivals, Hoards (the treasure kind), and one double dozen on the lives of 13 Mundanes and 13 Magicals; oh, and: Pockets (a d1000 of things found in pockets for looting or picking), Mercenary’s Greed (another d1000 loot table, but with obvious differences), Facets (on gems, their values and magical abilities), Mass Market Magic, Speed Characters (faster LQ character creation), the “silver anniversary” edition of the LQ rule book (including a ton of extra notes in an admittedly less professional style), Siege Magic, a couple of Campaign Starter Kits (OK more like six), and a supplement on Slavery.
Ever bite off more than you can chew? Yeah, I do that a lot. If you want to see what we've actually accomplished, check out our products at RPGNow and/or Warehouse 23. Thanks!

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