Sunday, November 3, 2013

Starting with a HUGE Monster

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching modern Godzilla/King Kong-like movies lately, but I’ve been thinking more and more about starting a campaign with a HUGE monster. Cloverfield probably did this best (on screen). There was this huge monster tearing up the city, and the civilians were challenged in various ways: dodging throw statue heads, explosions, climbing falling buildings, fighting off “lice”. When they actually encountered the huge monster it was game over, but if they could have avoided the thing, they might have made it out alive, at least some of them. I’m liking that kind of idea! I don’t want to give away what I plan to do (because my play-testers read this), but what if a huge dragon erupted out of the middle of the city? It has been in an egg, underground, incubating for centuries. Maybe it causes huge destruction but flies off at first, maybe distracted by a herd of cattle that look far more appetizing than all these stringing humans. The players would first have to deal with the chaos and collateral damage of the eruption and the battle between the dragon and the army. Then they might have to go down into the hole to see where it came from, only to find that some sort of mini-dragon creatures that have been tending the egg or embryo over the centuries. Maybe then they figure out why it hatched now. Was it a simple time bomb or did someone do something to release it? Assuming someone did something, now it’s time to kick their tail. Oh, and then somehow figure out what to do about the huge dragon itself. I don’t like the idea that they would actually fight it - It’s supposed to be too tough. Either they watch the army fight it, or they come up with a plan to lure it away. Then again, there is always the Godzilla vs. King Kong plan - find some other enormous creature that might be able to fight it for you. (Avatars and demi-gods, please apply here.) Anyway - That’s what’s been running through my mind! Sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? Imagine low level characters, claiming they were instrumental in bringing down the most powerful creature ever to exist in your game. That’s the stuff of legends! Post-script - To run a mission where the characters are desperately trying to survive the carnage of buildings getting tossed around and rescuing people from blocks turned into bonfires by the dragon’s breath weapon, you need a game that lets you do things other than swing weapons. Please find such a game! If you have one - excellent! If you don’t, try Legend Quest. We pride ourselves on having hosted exciting games at major conventions where no one ever attacked anyone else. (The coal mine fire is the best known of these.)


  1. Having your players discover exactly how puny they are by comparison to the end boss is such a wicked opener for a game. It just begs to be used in my next campaign.

  2. Have to admit - I read your comment and a really wicked laugh jumped right out of my mouth. I love being that mean game master!

  3. You know, the only thing better than a HUGE monster attacking a city is the sequel when you find out there are lots of these things. Think Alien and Aliens. Whatcha gonna do now???