Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fletnern wiki

We’ve mentioned the semi-new Fletnern wiki before, and it’s getting some traffic, but we want to reach out to any of you who are using it. What are you mainly looking for? We’ve dumped some content out there, but the real question is: Would you like to see more short subjects or should we start giving more detail on the subjects we have out there? For anyone who does not know, the Fletnern wiki is a wiki about the World of Fletnern. Fletnern has always been free and the base/starter pack can be downloaded on our main site: More and more details are showing up on the Fletnern wiki. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean we won’t support it, though it may not be the main priority at all times. The truth is, Fletnern (by the way, that translates into Titan as “far and wide”) has been in use as a gaming world for over 30 years, and there seems to be about 1,200 pages of content on it. Just tell us what you want to see and we’ll supply it, because it almost has to have been written already.

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