Sunday, March 24, 2013

About Board Enterprises Products

This blog is mainly here to support our books, available on RPGNow and Steve Jackson’s e23. If we stop making money from our games and supplements, this blog will dry up pretty quick. So we would like to encourage you to support this blog by buying our stuff. We work really hard not to beat you over the head with it, but it’s the honest truth. BUT! Please don’t buy our books if: • You don’t really role-play, but instead like to play junior accountant by adding up all the gold pieces and experience points your character has on his sheet. • You don’t buy books to read them, but instead buy them to look at the pretty pictures. • You feel that anything that does not specifically relate to your single set of rules (as modified by you) has no relevance to your game and cannot help you even as inspiration. Know what? We wouldn’t have to say this if it weren’t an issue for us. There are a number of people who have complained that we waste space by describing things. Instead, we should just have the price charts at the back. We also get a lot of abuse for producing books that are easily printed on a black and white printer. I guess that now a days if it prints neatly in B&W, then it is not professional. Our books are intended to be used! Not set on a shelf and adored; used! Print them! write on them! read them when you get stuck for ideas. Have them next to you during a game session so you can refer back to them. We’ve done a lot of soul searching. We thought about jazzing up the books, adding all sorts of art, backgrounds and borders. That’s all cute, but it doesn’t give you the content that you actually bought the book for. We’re not going to change. Buy a Board Enterprises book for content. Buy a National Geographic if you want to look at pretty pictures. We’ll never be as good at the pictures as they are, and we’re not going to try.


  1. I hope that you do not change, or have to dry up. I really enjoy this blog, it is exactly what I am looking for, though I think more people gaming should know about it. You supplements are great, printable and collect information from many sources to be condensed into small, very-readable source books. I and my usual GM are the type that look everywhere except the "usual suspect" resources. I've a book on ancient China that added so much depth to my own worlds. There are many gamers out there like us, who see gaming as a way to let our imagination go into another world, to tell a story, no, create a story together. Sitting across from each other, playing characters and creating a shared history and experience within well-beloved fantasy settings of our mutual creation. We still like dice because they have the ability to surprise and aggravate us, foiling our plans or presenting us with new opportunities. Keep up the high-caliber work.

  2. Let me be perfectly honest and professional: I love you!!