Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Legend Quest? Part 1

We feel we need to explain Legend Quest. No, not really the game itself, but why it came into being and why (for those reasons) it works the way it does. First, as many who have read this blog for some time know, I was plagiarized. A game company I was beta testing for stole a handful of my ideas and published them. I wasn’t flattered; I was pissed off. But as I nursed my beer(s) at GENCON that year, I came to the realization that my ideas were clearly good enough to be published. Thus Legend Quest (which was named something very different at the time) was on its way to actually leaving the basements, cafeterias and other places where it had been played. So why go with a completely point based system? #1 - I am very unlucky, at least when it comes to cards and dice. (Unlucky in cards; lucky in love! worked for me and I can’t be too upset.) I could never roll well enough to get the characters I wanted. and I always felt that whatever means we used to skew the results, 4d6 or place them where you want, felt like cheating. I didn’t want luck to determine a great character from a lousy one. It really was about the attributes and not even the skills that the character point generation system was a requirement for me. Stay tuned and we’ll go through the other factors of LQ and why it turned out the way it did.

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