Sunday, September 2, 2012

Too much on one plate

We’ve been diligently working, but working on so many things, we cannot possibly finish them all. So we’re accepting defeat, or refining our priorities, however you want to see it. We intentionally avoid GENCON, as everybody is dumping new products on the market for the con season. So we’re still OK, but we need to get focused if we want to get anywhere with the rest of the year. No - we’re not telling you what they are, but we’re planning on getting two new books out this year still, just not what we planned to be releasing. You can always email us at if you want to try and influence us. Honestly, Grain Into Gold never would have hit the market as early as it did if it hadn’t been for the feedback we got from fans. By the way, thank you - GIG is our best seller to date, not counting the free Coins of Fletnern.

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