Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Length

Back in the old days, in an age long forgotten, there were no word processors. GASP!! No really! and everyone had to type things ... wait for it ... on a typewriter. NO!! The horror! OK, I’ll stop. I remember the submission guide for submitting adventure “modules” to that first RPG company. One of the things it said was (as I recall it): It takes 100 typed pages to make one book. If you have trouble getting to 100 pages, then you probably shouldn’t try. If on the other hand, you have trouble keeping it to only 100 pages, then you just might be the kind of writer they want. I’ve been having that trouble lately! A Baker’s Dozen isn’t enough ideas for me. I need to write more in order to feel that the book is complete. You saw that in The Royalty, which was a Baker’s Dozen plus two 100s books all rolled into one. Look for some “double Baker’s Dozen” supplements coming in the relatively near future. Oh, and recently, some really good work has been accomplished on Coins of the Road. This project, almost scrapped after so many rewrites, is now back on track.

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