Friday, April 30, 2010


No this is a rambling post (OK maybe it will be) but it is a post about randomness and its place in gaming. GMs are given random charts all the time, but are they any good? We believe that d100 random charts get old about the third time their used; not necessarily the third die roll, but the third mission or session in which they are used.
So are they useless? Well no. You’ve seen our opinions about “all you need is a spark of imagination”. Well, random charts are good for that. Roll a bunch of times. See what makes sense; throw out the rest. You can also keep them a little fresher if you cross out everything that comes up. Then, when the chart is half crossed out, just get a new one.
We are working on three separate d1000 charts. We’re testing and modifying, but we are hoping that a d1000 chart might not get old. The time between similar results should be distant enough that it doesn’t seem like the “same old same old”. Will d1000 be enough? Even if our earlier guess of three times and old news is true, then does this mean that it would take 30 times in order for it to get old? Well, that seems OK. How many campaigns run more than 30 missions anyway?
We’ll keep you informed. Of course, its likely to kill us to try and legitimately format a d1000 chart.

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