Saturday, January 23, 2010


This blog has been anything BUT consistent. We’re aiming to change that. In a previous post, I said I was shooting for four or five posts per month, but didn’t want to commit to weekly. Well, I’m going to shoot for weekly now! The plan is that a new post should show up every Saturday.
We’re pretty happy with how things are going on many levels. Our hit rate on the page is solid, and our hit rate to the advertisers is fairly good as well. (Please keep supporting those advertisers!!) We would prefer if this was a two way street, you know - you use the comment button. We’ve had a couple of folks complain that they had problems when they hit the comment button, so we might have to experiment and check that out. You are encouraged to join in the discussion! even if you disagree with me. I likely won’t change my opinions, but I’ll at least acknowledge that someone might think differently. Every gaming group is different; some things won’t work for every group or every game.
Board Enterprises has been a nice business for my family ever since it began back in the early 90s. For patches of time, we’ve let it roll with with very little guidance. In 2010, I’m really hoping to put some extra effort in, and rebuild the base in order to take the company and Legend Quest up a notch, at least back to where it was before Magic the Gathering.

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