Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool magic item combo

OK - so I was writing a prior post and it occurred to me that the Heart of Dragonkind only protects the dragon wearing it if the dragon is aware of the enemy. Well, if your champion is going to wear it, then he needs to have the all seeing eyes of Milonsovich. The all seeing eyes is a crown like thing, but gives the wearer a 360 degree field of vision and can see through most illusions even invisibility. The drawback is that the all seeing eyes exhaust the wearer. I mean come on - try and pay attention to everything in a crowded room for a long period of time - it’ll wear you out. So - the Heart can only be used by a dragon and the eyes will tire the wearer, making it a limited use item. These are great magic items to give a party, because they cannot make strong use of them. Game balance achieved!

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