Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half Breeds

A while back, we set-up half breeds for the play-testers. This was one of the many ideas planned to be included in the optional rules book, a book, that unfortunately does not seem to have a strong market at this time. So, since these work very well, we'll release them to you as an optional, use if you feel like it, kind of rule. Hope you have fun with it! (The spacing is a little off, but forgive us the challenges of this format.)

The Legend Quest game assumes that a person can only be a member of one race. For characters that are descended from two races, it is assumed that one race dominates the other for computing attributes, while the character's physical appearance is a mix of both races.
Optionally, these “half-breeds” would have attribute statistics of their own. Below is a chart for mixed races. By cross-referencing the races of the parents, the statistics for the character's attributes can be found. These statistics are in SKEWAP order.

We couldn't get the formatting right, so please click to the aux site for the charts.

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